Showdown! The Samurai Card Game

Showdown! The Samurai Card Game is a stand-alone expansion to Shootout! The High Noon Card Game and features intense Samurai duels. Challenge your friends to a fight for ultimate glory in the streets of Feudal Japan and see if you have what it takes to become a revered Shogun! 2-6 players.


88 Cards, plus 2 rules cards, 1 reminder card, and 8 replacement cards for use with Shootout! the High Noon Card Game.


Check the Kickstarter or our website for information about the game in full detail.


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Showdown! Playmat

New Showdown! playmats are available! These second edition playmats are 12"x18" and 1/8" thick, more compact than the first edition to hog less table space in keeping with the spirit of the game!


*These mats are unlabeled and perfectly compatible with your favorite collectible card game!


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Shootout! The High Noon Card Game

Shootout! is a fast paced, exciting card game of western cowboy duels. Make the best hand you can before laying everything down to win. Find out more on our website .


SOLD OUT, but some available on Amazon!


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Palette Swap

Palette Swap is a challenging abstract puzzle game about creating color schemes. Mix, match, and swap colors with your opponent to create the scheme between the two palettes, as your opponent must then try to do the same with their new palette of colors and the options those represent! 1-4 player game lasting 30 minutes. Find out more on our website.




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